Silver Creek Wine Cellar Amazing Wine | Garrettsville, Ohio

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Spotlight goes out to George and Cheryl Macek, the amazing owners of Silver Cellar Winery. Silver Creek Winery is located at 10519 Brosius Road in Garrettsville Ohio.

George and Cheryl have been pillars in Garrettsville's community by setting an example of giving back and supporting organizations in need. George and Cheryl’s children and grandchildren are now carrying on the tradition of supporting the local community in North East Ohio through charities and other small local businesses.

Getting to know the owners has been an amazing opportunity. Getting to hear some of the wonderful stories from George from some of him many adventures. From business endeavors to personal experiences the Macek's have proven to be very personable and outgoing individuals treating all of their customers like family.

Silver Cellar Winery has adapted with COVID-19 and offers social distancing outdoor tables, with a stage for live music. They also host special events including Bridal and Baby showers, rehearsals, as well as the amazing -Paint and Sip- nights.

We cannot speak highly enough of their American made wine! 15 different styles all absolutely

phenomenal. Don't take our word for it solely. Silver Creek Wine Cellar in Garrettsville Ohio has won numerous awards for their wine.

  • Dry Varietal Wine - Ohio Amateur Wine Competition

  • Dry Red Blend - Ohio Amateur Wine Competition

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - Ohio Amateur Wine Competition

  • Pinot Noir - Ohio Amateur Wine Competition

If you would like to try Silver Creek Wine Cellar, their hours are 4pm-10pm (Kitchen 4-8) on Fridays; 4pm-9pm (Kitchen 4-7) on Saturdays.

The Macek’s have had their hands in many successful business adventures including, manufacturing and running of concession trailers, inventing and patentting to games for festivals/amusement parks, as well as custom welding and fabricating, just to name a few. Their newest business adventure came from a hobby started by George 40 years ago. George began producing wine 40 years ago, as a hobby to cross off his bucket list. Some of George’s wine has won competitions, including one in Geneva. With their successes, the Macek’s decided to open a winery 4 years ago. Offering live music, appetizers, cheese boards, and now a full menu including Bar-B-Que (also available for take out), the winery is a great place to check out.

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